"WTF AM I DOING?! What do i even love to do? am I even good enough to pivot after committing x years to this work?!"

Been there, done that.

When we look outside ourselves for the answers vs. inside, it can feel like a roller coaster ride with no manual or appropriate safety gear.

But here's the good news: you can start to look again within yourself. Right now.

(And that's a more validating, fun ride - trust me.)

It's so hard when our work and life on the outside doesn't mirror who we are on the inside.

Even with...

The career.
The commute.
The caffeine.
And hustling in the rat race.

But what do we do when we want more?

More... Freedom. Empowerment. Possibilities.

Now you'll have a starter guide that can help you take a moment and pause. See where you're at now, so you can begin to dream of a new "career" for yourself and a new life path...

...where you're in the lead.

Brought to you by Virginia James: The Anti-Career Guide & CEO of FSW.

In every choice and breath, everything I do is to empower women and help them see their wisdom is within, and how they can lead their lives from it in their work and daily life. And it's great to see you here!

Thank you for letting me walk with you on your life and work journeys and I can't wait to help you find your wisdom, empowerment, and possibilities!

Virginia James, M.S.W./C.S.W.-P.I.P.

CEO of Feminine Sage Wisdom, LLC, a woman-owned and LGBT+ biz!

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